What is the usual turnaround time?
The usual turnaround time is 10 business days from the time you ship the cases until you receive them from us. We will process your order and notify you immediately if there are any questions. Occasionally there will be a delay due to shipping or customs.
Can I send test cases?
Yes! We encourage you to send test cases so you can thoroughly evaluate our service. Contact us for details.
How are costs calculated?
There are basically three parts to determining the cost for each case:
  • Labor - determined by our rate schedule. Contact us for a quote.
  • Noble and High Noble Alloy - You pay only for the alloy that is needed; Noble and High Noble alloys are charged in grams of casting weight.
  • Shipping - Use our DHL Express or UPS Express account numbers to get a 50% discount on shipping for sending your cases to our lab and we will add the shipping costs to your invoice. You pay only one invoice for the lab work and shipping.
Who pays for shipping?

We recommend using our UPS Express or DHL Express account to ship to us. We will add the cost of shipment in both directions to your invoice. If you prefer to use another carrier, please be aware that they will generally take longer and cost more. Also please notify us of the tracking number when you ship your cases to us.

Please be aware that all shipments are subject to routine customs inspections that can cause delays (although this is a very rare occurrence).


How are bills processed?

Two Options:

1. Credit card on file: We will process your cases and send them back to you, then process your payment and send you a receipt.

2. No credit card on file: Immediately after receiving your shipment, we will contact you by email and send you an itemized list of charges with a "Request for Payment" invoice. We will begin processing your cases immediately after receiving the shipment, however, we must have your payment in full before we can return the finished products.

What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept the following types of payments:

  • Credit card: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express
  • Paypal
  • eCheck
  • US postal money order
  • International Money Order
  • Direct Deposit to our Bank of America account
How do you handle remakes?
This rarely happens but when it does, remakes are handled on a case-by-case basis. Remake are free if there is no change in the design or shade. If you would like us to remake a product, please send the original case and lab slip with a new impression and an explanation of the specific problem. If the mistake was made within our lab, we will remake the case at no charge.
What is the minimum volume or order?

We have no minimum number of cases or minimum order.

What is your policy on confidentiality?

China Dental Outsourcing, Inc. has a strict confidentiality policy to safeguard our customers privacy. We will never divulge your name or information to any third party for any reason.

What does ISO 13485 certification mean?

ISO 13485 is an international standard that specifies requirements for a quality management system (QMS) for medical devices. The ISO 13485 certification indicates that a company has implemented a quality management system that meets the requirements of the standard and demonstrates its ability to consistently provide medical devices and related services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.

The ISO 13485 standard covers various aspects of the medical device quality management system, including design and development, production, storage, distribution, installation, and servicing. It also includes requirements for regulatory compliance, risk management, and continuous improvement.

The ISO 13485 certification is important for medical device manufacturers and suppliers because it demonstrates their commitment to quality and their ability to meet regulatory requirements. It can also provide a competitive advantage by enhancing customer confidence and satisfaction, reducing risks and errors, and improving overall efficiency and effectiveness.

How ISO standards benefit society

For businesses, the widespread adoption of International Standards means that suppliers can base the development of their products and services on specifications that have wide acceptance in their sectors. This, in turn, means that businesses using International Standards are increasingly free to compete on many more markets around the world.

For customers, the worldwide compatibility of technology which is achieved when products and services are based on International Standards brings them an increasingly wide choice of offers, and they also benefit from the effects of competition among suppliers

Do you have more questions?
Please Contact us! We will get back to you with a prompt answer.