All Ceramic: IPS E.max

IPS E.max:

The IPS E.max pressed ceramic system that has been the restoration of choice among dentists worldwide for over 15 years. IPS E.max provides natural-looking results along with strength and durability, giving your patients a healthy, natural, beautiful smile.

IPS E.max Esthetic

IPS E.max Esthetic is a pressable ceramic delivering the fit of a pressed restoration with the esthetics of a layered restoration. It is ideal for veneers and provides our technicians with the material to create life-like veneers. IPS E.max Esthetic can also be used for crowns, inlays and onlays.

The new IPS E.max Esthetic Line offers heightened aesthetics, enhanced properties and cost effectiveness for the Staining Technique and partially layered veneers in your laboratory. 
Advantages / Benefits
True-to-nature esthetics
Homogeneous leucite crystal distribution allowing for: 
Higher flexural strength
Improved optical properties 
Optimized color and clarity
Inlays or Onlays
Full-coverage single crowns 

IPS Eris

IPS Eris, with its lithium disilicate crystals and a glass-ceramic overlay, combine to make this innovative, all ceramic material. The enhanced strength, biocompatability, natural translucency, and excellent shade margin adaptation make IPS Eris ideal for single crowns and 3-unit anterior bridges. The wear characteristics of IPS Eris are similar to that of enamel. 

Conventionally Cemented,
Unconventionally Beautiful 

IPS Eris features an innovative formulation of lithium disilicate crystals and a layering ceramic comprised of sintered glass ceramic with fluorapatite crystals. This combination offers high wear resistance that is compatible with the patient’s natural dentition. The layered ceramic also features optical properties similar to tooth structure with inherent fluorescence, opalescence and a natural translucency. The results offer more natural restorations and a viable alternative for replacing missing teeth and tooth structure. Additionally, it allows all dental professionals and their patients to enjoy ideal esthetics while re-establishing form and function. 

Advantages / Benefits

– Fluorapatite glass ceramic mimics natural translucency, brightness and shade providing life-like esthetics
– High strength lithium disilicate framework ensures clinical reliability
– Metal-free for outstanding esthetics
– Wear compatibility
– Excellent margin adaptation

– Full-coverage crowns & bridges
– Three-unit bridges with one Pontic, up to the second premolar as the distal abutment