All Ceramic: All Zirconia for Bruxers

Prosthetics – All Zirconia for Bruxers

All Zirconia for Bruxers is an innovative system for metal-free crowns and bridges in the posterior used primarily for bruxers and heavy biters. The strength of zirconia restorations is well established, and the ability to provide an all zirconia restoration. The system is used to fabricate anterior or posterior single units or multi-unit bridge restorations out of translucent, biocompatible zirconia, the strongest and toughest dental ceramic.

Esthetically, they are inferior to porcelain restorations, but are superior to full metal or metal occlussal. Shades are close approximations (but cannot be exact) to the Vita 16 shade guide, hence they are best used in the posterior.
They are extremely strong; being crack and fracture resistant, and extremely durable.