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Request a shipping label (waybill) https://chinadentaloutsourcing.com/contact/

Congratulations on getting a scanner! We have many clients going this route.

Below are links to popular file sharing options. If you use one that is not below, please let us know so we can add it.

As you may realize, there is learning curve to scanning. Everyone’s first scans are deficient in one way or another. But with practice and tweaking, they get better and better. Please reach out to your scanner support team with the feedback we provide to understand how to get the best scans possible with your equipment. Often it is simple adjustment in the settings or positioning of the impression/model.

PLEASE NOTE: WE CAN ONLY ACCEPT SCANS IN STL FORMAT (i.e., the file name must end with “.stl”)

When you want to send a scan, you can upload your scans here along with the case notes. When sending digital impressions, it would be best to include the following information:

Brand Names used by our dental lab

Brand Names used by our dental lab

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CDO Digital Case Uploader

3 Shape

Dentsply Sirona




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