"I would like to thank you and your company for the outstanding service you have afforded my patients and practice. Please give my thanks to your staff. I would like someday to come and visit your facility. I have also given your company the highest recommendation to my fellow Dentists."

- W. F. DDS, Florida USA

"Yesterday my office seated over 20 units of crown and bridge that your company produced for us. There was minimal adjustment on all of them. One patient was 12 units. I would describe all of them as good to excellent. Thank you."

- Dr. A. W., Oklahoma USA

"I would like to tell you thank you for your work. I have to say is great!!!!!"

- Dr. L. V., Arizona USA

"Thank you CDO. You did a beautiful job on the wax up, and you did a very nice job on Pat H.'s case. Thank you! I will be sending more cases."

- Dr. M. M., New Jersey USA

"We received the two casting cases last week and they were inserted. I must say that they were very nicely finished, and the fit was right on. GREAT WORK! We showed it to several dental professionals and they seemed please with the quality of work. We soon try to bundle more cases and send them to you. Thanks!"

- M. L. DDS, Ontario Canada

"Thank you for a great job on the 4 last cases we received. Please congratulate the technicians that worked on the cases. With this good quality, the future of our company will be assured. Thank you so much."

- H. W., CDT California USA

" Love your crowns! They are never high in the occlusion, a mistake most labs make. I love them OUT of occlusion so there's no grinding of the porcelain needed at insertion. She-She!"

- Dr. R. K., New Jersey USA

"Keep up the good work."

- S. A., New York USA

"The quality of the work I've been getting is very nice. Hope it continues!!!"

- Dr. R. R. Indiana USA

"We received the three cases that you have sent to us and the crowns look great! The shades seem to be right on with the ones that we ordered."

- Dr. S. S., Michigan USA

"Thank you for the great work I have been receiving."


"Looks good thanks a lot. Good work lately. Keep on with the great work.

- Dr. S. P., Nevada USA