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All Ceramic: Veneers and e.Max Thin Veneers

e.max Press

IPS Thin Veneer

Thin Veneers are very thin ceramic veneers (0.3 mm), which are seated using the adhesive technique. Thin Veneers are indicated from an esthetic point of view if there is, for example, a malposition or differences in length of the incisors. Thin Veneers provide the advantage that they allow preparation that is minimal invasive to the tooth structure. If the clinical situation allows it, no preparation at all is required. Thin Veneers are fabricated using the staining technique.

The IPS E.max pressed ceramic system that has been the restoration of choice among dentists worldwide for over 15 years. IPS E.max provides natural-looking results along with strength and durability, giving your patients a healthy, natural, beautiful smile.

Table Top (occlusal veneer)

If the clinical situation requires an increase in vertical dimensions or the reconstruction of function, Table Tops of IPS e.max Press may be fabricated for the posterior region. Table Tops are thin ”occlusal” veneers that must be adhesively cemented. The high strength of IPS e.max Press allows the fabrication of such thin restorations. Therefore, the tooth can be prepared in a minimally invasive manner that is minimal invasive to the tooth structure. Table Tops are fabricated using the staining technique.